April 17, 2018 – Hunters Point Crimes and Wendy Lynne Lee Challenges Turnining Point USA

WorkWeek Radio hears from Jeff Ruch who is labor lawyer and executive director of Protecting Employees Who Protect Our Environment PEER. He talks about the massive falsification of testing results at Hunters Point Naval shipyard. He was able to get an EPA document which said that up to 97% of some of the areas tested were fake falsified testing. WorkWeek radio then covers a press conference on 4/16/18 at the San Francisco US Attorney about a criminal cover-up by Senator Diane Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi who participants charged covered up the retaliation of Test America, Tetra Tech and Federal whistleblowers. This included US OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program investigator and lawyer Darrell Whitman and Test America Quality Insurance Manager Michael Madry. Participants discussed how residents at Treasure Island had been contaminated by radioactive material and were retaliated against for speaking out. Also a complaint was delivered to the US Attorney for a RICO criminal complaint was delivered to the US Attorney to investigate and prosecute the criminal collusion with the developer Lennar and other government officials to continue the development despite the massive $1 billion fraud which was called the biggest eco-fraud in US history.

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