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Fuifuilupe Nieumeitolu and Indigenous Women and the Land, and Lisa Fithian and strategies for activism

Today we talk to  Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu to celebrate the inauguration of her new podcast that will be featured on women’s magazine starting next month and will also available online called  From Moana Nui to California Indigenous stories of the Land which will explore the importance of the land to all indigenous people to resist and over come colonization and to find healing.

Fui is a Tongan/ Pacific Islander scholar and community organizer. She has a PHD from UC Berkeley in Ethnic Studies and her dissertation work was on  “The Mana of the Tongan Everyday.’ 

 Fui is on the founding committee of the Moana Nui Pacific Islander Climate Justice Project and (OCNC) Oceania Coalition of Northern California, a community organization working for Pacific Islander self determination through facilitating groups and Ceremony with Indigenous  prisoners here in California as well as organizing teach-ins and protests 

to protect Indigenous Sacred spaces in the Pacific and here in California. Fui is currently working with the Sogorea Te Land Trust an Urban Indigenous women’s land trust located in Oakland, California.

Then Kate Raphael speaks to Lisa Fithian author of the new book “Shut It Down: Stories from a Fierce, Loving Resistance”. Lisa Fithian who has been an organizer, trainer and strategist for dozens of creative action campaign, she of the people responsible for the  continuity of resistance methods that  were passed down from the anti-militarist movements of the 1980s through the global justice movements of the early 2000s to Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. A 2000 article in Mother Jones called her “Professor Occupy” and recently a radio host suggested that if you looked up protester in the dictionary, you would likely find her picture.

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