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Womens Magazine – November 30, 2015 – 28 Ways of Looking at Hillary Clinton; Between Iran and US

HillaryBookFirst up, we talk with Joanne Cronrath Bamberger, editor of Love Her, Love Her Not: The HIllary Paradox.  In the anthology, 28 women present analysis and views of HRC, her candidacy and her meaning for US women.  Bamberger is an entrepreneurial journalist, award-winning writer, and attorney, is the publisher and editor in chief of The Broad Side, a noted digital magazine of women’s commentary.

Then, we visit with Sabereh Kashi, whose personal documentary explores her return to Iran after her mother’s unexpected death.  Using women’s ritual, dance and theater, Sabereh’s film seeks to bridge her two cultures, challenging American viewers to see the best Iran has to offer us.  Sabereh will be screening portions of the film and celebrating the end of her crowdfunding campaign with a solstice event December 18 at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley.


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