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Restorative Justice

Today  we look at the practice of Restorative Justice and how that practice of justice based on healing provides an alternative to the punitive systems we have in our society today. Unlike the punitive system of justice we have Restorative Justice focuses on healing and transforming the wounds of victims, offenders and communities caused by the wrongdoing through truth telling, apology, making amends, and reconciliation. We talk to three leaders in Restorative Justice in the Bay Area. Jodie Geddes, Community Organizer Coordinator at Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY), Rose Elizondo, co-founder of the San Quentin Prison RJ interfaith group and of the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council, and Malachi Scott, the Re-entry and Community Restorative Justice Coordinator at RJOY and co-founder of the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council.

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