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Storytelling as Activism

On November 30, three Oakland women were surprised with billboards celebrating their leadership in the movement to bring 100% renewable energy to 100% of people. The honorees are Jing Jing He, community organizer with Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), Jodi Pincus, Executive Director of Rising Sun Energy Center, and Emily Kirsch, Founder and CEO of Powerhouse. On this week’s show, I speak with Jing Jing, Jodi and Sarah Shanley Hope of the Solutions Project, which organized the surprise.
Then we speak with Stacy Russo, whose new book is We Were Going to Change the World: Interviews with Women From the 1970s & 1980s Southern California Punk Rock Scene. Stacy, who was part of that scene, interviewed over 40 women including fans, musicians and photographers, about why they were drawn to punk, how they participated and how it influenced the rest of their lives.

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