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Womens Magazine – December 21, 2015

The United Nations recently sent a team of experts to the US to look at the state of women’s rights.  They described the inequities they found as shocking and in several key respects far worse than other developed countries, worse even than in some developing countries.  We talk with Frances Raday, a member of that delegation and a legal expert in international human rights and women’s rights.

We’ll also talk with Starhawk about her new book City of Refuge, the sequel to the classic ecotopian novel The Fifth Sacred Thing.

KPpostcardfront_2015_r3And get ready to laugh with Lisa Geduldig and Dana Eagle, who are among the performers at this year’s Kung Pao Kosher Comedy, a 23-year San Francisco tradition.


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  1. SPOILER ALERT! I turned off the show because I really don’t want to know the plot of a book I am going to read! I don’t know what happened after that…..maybe some “spoiler awareness” ….but I am extra sensitive to spoilers because I want to experience ALL of the unfolding for myself…..I want it all to be fresh to me.

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