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US Military and COVID in Okinawa and Guahan: What Do Colonization and Militarism Have to Do with It?

News about the US military spreading COVID in Okinawa and Guahan has been reported on NPR, the UK Guardian, and other news sites. Today you have the chance to listen to long-time Okinawan feminist activist Suzuyo Takazato. She served as Naha City Council member, is a founder of Okinawa Women Act against Military Violence, and has devoted her, life working for demilitarized, genuine security for women and girls and for people of Okinawa and beyond. Also, in conversation is Lisa Natividad, professor of Social Work at the University of Guam and long-time activist working for decolonization of Guahan, the island’s original name.  Finally, Ayano Ginoza, professor at University of the Ryukyus will add to the conversation by analyzing the current conditions from Island Studies perspective.

We have a chance, in this moment of calling for the defunding and dismantling of the police to make the connection between here and there. Think about the police as a local segment of the national military apparatus, the military actors we face directly. What would it take to dismantle the institutions altogether? Imagine all what the nearly $2.5 billions per day the US spends on national military could pay for!!!! This amount does not include billions spent by all the cities in the US. And the bigger question is: What values must we embrace to be able to imagine genuine, life-affirming security?


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