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April 23, 2018: Struggling for Dignity and Liberation

Harassment at UC Berkeley
Whistleblowers Vanessa Kaskiris, Zoey Lin and Sarah Fernandez tell the explosive story of systemic gender bias, discrimination and hostile work environment in UC Berkeley’s IT department.

Indigenous Intercontinental Run for Dignity
Vanessa Quesada, Peace and Dignity RunNina Serrano speaks with Indigenous Chicana Vanessa Quesada about the San Antonio Peace and Dignity Journey, a seven month prayer run that happens once every four years from Alaska all the way down to Argentina. The ceremonial run began in 1992, to fulfill the prophecy of the eagle and the condor, which reconnects peoples from north and south.

Remembering Kiilu Nyasha
Safi wa Nairobi commemorates the life of revolutionary journalist and activist Kiilu Nyasha, former Black Panther, radio and television host, artist and internationalist dedicated to freedom for political prisoners and all people around the world.

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