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Another World is Possible

cambalache jpeg poster eng212705538_456273051237352_6370536871943433569_nThis Monday April 18th KPFA Radio’s Women’s Magazine talks to Erin Araujo and Sarai Garcia Lopez two of the women from Chiapss who created a non monetary, non capitalist feminist economic community where people donate and exchange services and goods for free. Their inspiring documentary, “Cambalache: El Valor de Inter-Cambiar” (The Courage to Inter-Change) which movingly depicts the “interchange” will be screening Sunday May 1st at the Humanist Hall in Oakland from 2pm or 2:30pm as part of the free festival “Utopia Now! Commons Fest.” And then we talk to Oakland based Queer Chicana poet and  Bruja Denise Benavides about her poetry which powerfully confronts themes of xenophobia, relocation, sexuality, religion, and love. That’s Monday from 1-2pm on KPFA radio at 94.1 FM or online at www.kpfa.org

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