Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – June 10, 2015

The richly diverse and fascinating world of culture and politics of the Middle East and North Africa, co-hosted by Khalil and Malihe.

  • Greg Allen Getty

    Rationalizing denial of big brother crimes perhaps, today’s guest and hosts, if not ‘playing dumb’ should look for advice somewhere the oxymoron ‘capitalized medicine’ doesn’t rule…like pre-war Iraq, Libya, Syria…where I wouldn’t have needed the 20$ I didn’t have for my medical school application…and take personally the destructiion of Syrian socialism by wife beating guillotine fodder dialed up by the Pentagon neocons in 2007 after getting our ass kicked in Lebanon in 2006…the West’s “salafist principality” our taxes pay to shovel Kurds, Yazidis, the original Christians and all into mass graves…I keep hearing the crunch of the puppy under the bumper as VOMENA doesnt even back off the gas after Libya…never mind hit the brakes…BECAUSE elected Presisebt Assad had 55% supparort BEFORE Arab Sting framing as racist as this show-given your silence on the anti black genocide hitting Africa in it’s wake…do you know apartheid Israel’s buddies Pic Botha and the S Africans cancelled flight 103 at the last minute?…part of operatiion Trojan to frame Gaddafi…and today’s guest is known for pushing a frame up that should be a litmus test for a real journalists like yourself…but excuse me while my head explodes…OK now I feel better

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