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Lunar Eclipse Easter Radio: Let war be eclipsed by cooperation with Nature’s guiding symmetrical ingenuity.

Caroline Casey and David BluneCaroline hosts long-time ally Green Permaculture-Distillation Wizard David Blume: “house your friends and feed enemies.” (We will delineate.)

“David Blume, researcher, author, farmer and alcohol fuel pioneer first began to work on the puzzle of how to broadly disseminate the means of producing ethanol efficiently and on the smaller scale in the 1970’s. .. A decade ago, David came back to bioethanol and began research for his comprehensive book Alcohol Can be a Gas! The book is an in-depth exploration of the entire field of bioethanol from its forgotten history to the current state-of-the-art. On one hand, the book is deeply technological explaining the fine details of ethanol production, while on the other hand, it paints a broad vision of alcohol fuel production — a core component of a highly productive ecologically-based system of agriculture.”

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