Breakthrough on Solitary Confinement; What Rising Oceans Mean for the Bay

Seal Level
From SF Public Press’s special report on sea level rise

New research says the world’s oceans are rising faster than we thought – so where does that leave all the developments going up next to the bay? We speak to two people behind a massive investigation for San Francisco Public Press. But first: After years of organizing, hunger strikes, and litigation, California prisoners have won a legal agreement that will impose strict limits on the use of solitary confinement–we discuss what’s in it, and what’s next.


  • Anne Weills, attorney with Seigel & Yee representing the prisoners who sued over California’s use of solitary confinement.
  • Marie Levin, member of California Families Against Solitary Confinement; her brother, Sitala Nantambu Jamaa, is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit
  • Michael Stoll, executive director of San Francisco Public Press
  • Kevin Stark, journalist for San Francisco Public Press
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