SXSW Gamergate, Dias De Los Muertos, Decolonize Your Diet

SXSW and Gamergate

The harassment of women in gaming communities made headlines after a network of gamers called Gamergate threatened to rape and kill game developers that they identified as feminists.  Last week, the festival and tech conference South by Southwest cancelled two panels – one on online harassment in gaming, and another featuring people who are part of Gamergate – after users posted threats of violence on Twitter.  The festival is reported to have reversed course and to holding a daylong event to discuss online harassment in gaming communities.

How are women and people of color creating their own gaming cultures?  And what interventions are they making around race, class, gender, and sexuality?


Latoya Peterson, Owner and Editor of Racialicious.com, a website that focuses on the intersection of race and pop culture.  She hosts a new Fusion series on Girl Gamers.

Dias De Los Muertos

This weekend, people across the Bay Area will be gathering to remember their ancestors through Dias de los Muertos celebrations.  At the Oakland Museum of California, a new exhibit called Rituals + Remembrance looks at how Bay Area communities engage with death, memory, and healing.


Evelyn Orantes, Curator of Rituals + Remembrance

Decolonize Your Diet

Decolonize Your DIet photo via http://decolonizeyourdiet.org/

We all have foods that bring us back to our childhoods, foods we share with family and friends, and foods that give us comfort on a rainy day.  But what about the foods that help us connect  with our ancestors?  The foods your people ate before GMOs, industrial agriculture and colonization?

A new book called Decolonize Your Diet gives us a way to do just that.  It’s a collection of recipes, a history lesson, a love story and a call – to return to the healing foods of our ancestors, and to reclaim a food culture that respects ancestral knowledge and sustains life.

We take your calls about the foods that grow your spirit and help you reconnect with your ancestors.


  • Dr. Catriona Rueda Esquibel, Associate Professor, San Francisco State University, co-author of Decolonize Your Diet
  • Dr. Luz Calvo, Associate Professor at Cal State East Bay, co-author of Decolonize Your Diet


Hosted by Marie Choi


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