Kathryn Olmsted on the Roots of Modern Conservatism

anand gopalThe longest war in US history just got longer: President Obama has announced he’s extending the US troop presence in Afghanistan through at least the end of 2016. We look at why the Taliban is making advances, and why US-backed forces are floundering, and what comes next. PLUS: what the history of New Deal California’s farm strikes says about the rifts tearing apart today’s Republican Party — we’ll take a trip into the way back machine with historian Kathryn Olmsted.


  • Anand Gopal spent four years in Afghanistan covering the war, now he’s the author of No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes
  • olmsted_kathrynKathryn S. Olmsted, chair of the history department at UC Davis and author of Right out of California: the 1930s and the Big Business Roots of Modern Conservatism. She’s speaking November 10th at Book Passage in the San Francisco Ferry Building, starting at 6:PM


Produced by Linda Khoury; Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert


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