Homeless Encampment Hearing, California Health Insurance, and Police Use of Force in the Bay Area

This morning’s segment begins with local coverage from UpFront Producer and journalist Lucy Kang, who is on site with updates about the hearing regarding the Here There encampment by Ashby Bart and their pending injunction against an eviction notice served by Bay Area Rapid Transit. Next we hear from Laurel Lucia, director of the Health Care Program at the Labor Center, where she has worked since 2009 analyzing health care policy. Recent papers have examined the health coverage and economic impacts of Affordable Care Act repeal on California, California’s Medicaid expansion, health insurance for California immigrants, and the remaining uninsured in California. During the second half of the show, Cat Brooks brings us audio regarding the death of Marcellus Toney, an Oakland resident who died after being tased by the Oakland Police Department. Afterwards, Autorney Fulvio Cajina speaks with Cat about a similar taser related tragedy in Hayward County, the death of James Greer. 

  • Lucy Kang is the interim producer of KPFA’s UpFront, has worked on documentary films and reported for the Pacfica Evening News.
  • Laurel Lucia is the director of the Health Care Program at the Labor Center.
  • Fulvio Cajina is a civil rights lawyer who has handled many cases that recieved media attention, has worked at the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Reserve and grew up in San Francisco.
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