Spring Fund Drive Special: California like you’ve never seen it, in a hand-painted field atlas; Plus: Meet the Utah Chefs fighting Trump to protect the Grand Staircase Escalante Monument

0:08 – Monday’s with Mitch: HUD proposal threatens to evict undocumented immigrants, including over 55,000 children. Almost 30 subpoenas against Trump and his Trump Organization and White House, plus a special fund drive gift from KPFA.

0:34 – Fund Drive Premium: the California Field Atlas

Obi Kaufmann (@Obikaufmann) is an artist, naturalist and author of The California Field Atlas. Yours for a pledge of $200 to KPFA.

1:08 – Fund Drive Premium: Hell’s Backbone Grill

Blake Spalding (@blakerspalding) is a chef and co-owner of Hell’s Backbone Grill in Boulder, Utah – a Buddhist principled, farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of Mormon country. She and her partner, a co-owner Jen Castle are part of a lawsuit against the Trump Administration as part of their fight to preserve the Grand Escalante National Monument near their farm and restaurant in Utah. They recently published their stories in a book of food writing, recipes and essays called This Immeasurable Place. Yours for a pledge of $200.

Fund Drive Special: Tour and Dinner with Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Cat Brooks (UpFront) Mitch Jeserich (Letters & Politics) and Quincy McCoy (KPFA Station Manager) Thursday June 6 at 5:30pm. Yours for a pledge of $500 to KPFA (for a pair of tickets).

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