UpFront w/ Friday Host Marie Choi – ICE Detains Jo Nan Hui, Spirit of Vietnam is Stronger than US Bombs – May 1, 2015

wesurvived-800x800On Tuesday, Jo Nan Hui’s supporters packed the courtroom once again for Jo’s sentencing hearing. Several weeks ago, Jo was convicted of child abduction for failing to file the correct paperwork before leaving the country with her baby five years ago. At the time, she was fleeing a domestic violence relationship and her visa had run out.
At the sentencing hearing, Jo’s lawyer filed a motion to set aside the court’s verdict.  He argued that the judge had made serious legal errors in convicting Jo when the judge instructed jurors not to consider her state of mind – including evidence that Jo had called the police twice to report domestic violence, and that she feared deportation when her visa ran out.  Nan Hui’s supporters say that this trial is a clear example of why domestic violence survivors don’t turn to law enforcement:



Marie Choi has been following this case at Apex Express.

one struggle many fronts

Then, this week marks the 40th anniversary of the End of the war in Vietnam.  Here in the US, we hear of Vietnam either as a front in the Cold War – part of a global ideological battle against communism – or as a victory for the white anti-war left.

This morning, we’ll talk with three members of the Vietnam Victory Coalition who remind us that the war in Vietnam was a victory for the Vietnamese people in kicking imperialist armies out of their country.


  • Thuy Trang Nguyen, VietUnity
  • Mike Wong, Veterans for Peace
  • Lincoln Bergman, Freedom Archives, co-poet laureate of Richmond


They’re organizing a daylong event this Saturday called The Spirit of Vietnam is Stronger than US Bombs.  The event is from 9am-6pm at Met West in Oakland.

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