A man in ICE detention shares his story from Yuba County Jail, facing no protections from coronavirus; Plus: Whole Foods (Amazon) workers stage a ‘sick-out’

0:10 – One impact of the COVID-19 pandemic: a surge in bigotry and hate crimes targeting Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders. Yesterday, House Democrats started to rally against it. Here’s a report from KPFA’s Luanna Muniz. 

0:13 – KPFA News: In Zimbabwe, doctors have gone on strike, citing a critical shortage of protective clothing and clinical equipment as they treat patients infected with the coronavirus. Dozens of patients who have the virus or fear they do are now stranded with no care at all. Garikai Chaunza reports from Harare, whose health care system was crumbling even before the arrival of the coronavirus.

0:17 – People in ICE detention have no protective supplies, and fears of an outbreak grow.

Now a look at what’s happening inside this country’s sprawling immigration detention complex, where immigrants can be held for months or years while waiting to make their case that they should stay in the country. Most of them are held in facilities where it’s impossible to practice any kind of social distancing — and they’ve started to report their first cases of COVID-19. Our reporter Lucy Kang (@ThisIsLucyKang) spoke to someone being held in the Yuba County Jail’s ICE facility where a lot of the detainees are from here, in the Bay Area. 

0:34 – COVID Q&A: Ask a doctor

Dr Ann Liu is an infectious disease physician at Stanford Health Care.

1:08 – New CA Judicial Council changes keep un-convicted people in jail longer

Brendon Woods (@BrendonWoodsPD) Public Defender for Alameda County.

1:17 – Parents / Teachers protest OUSD move to shut down Brookfield Elementary 

Corrin Haskell is a fifth grade teacher at Brookfield Elementary School, which has approximately 300 students, and is located in East Oakland.

OUSD (Virtual) Meeting: TODAY at 1pm; details at OUSD.org

1:34 – Labor action is sweeping the country, with frontline workers – grocery workers, warehouse workers –  demanding protective measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

This week’s seen a surge of collective action by low-wage workers in what are now considered “essential” jobs — getting Amazon purchases and groceries delivered to people who are sheltering in place. We’re going to start with this report on yesterday’s strikes by Instacart shoppers — people who get gig work through an app to pick up and deliver groceries — and workers in Amazon warehouses. KPFA’s Scott Baba reports.

1:40 – Whole Foods (Amazon) workers to stage a sick out today

Lauren Gurley (@LaurenKGurley) is a staff writer with Vice’s Motherboard. 

1:47 – We had a technical issue, and will air the story of a Whole Foods’ shopper soon.

(Image: Ichigo121212 / Pixabay)


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