Debate: Would banning e-cigarettes sales stop kids smoking in San Francisco? Plus: Berkeley considering banning RV overnight parking, listeners weigh in

0:08 – Trump Recognizes Golan Heights as Israel; Israel bombs Gaza

Phyllis Bennis (@PhyllisBennis) is a Middle East analyst and fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies; her book Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: A Primer has just been re-released in its 7th edition.

0:35 – Debate: Would banning e-cigarettes sales stop kids smoking in San Franisco?

PRO: Dr. Rob Crane, clinical professor of family medicine at Ohio State University and president of Tobacco 21 (@Tobacco21), a project of the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation

CON: Greg Conley (@GregTHR), President of the American Vaping Association.

1:08 – Tonight, Berkeley City Councilmembers are considering a ban on RV parking overnight in the city. None agreed to come on the show today to talk about their position on the policy, however we are joined by someone it will impact deeply.

Amber Whitson is an organizer with Berkeley Friends on Wheels, a coalition that formed out of a community of residents living in vehicles at the Berkeley Marina. The City of Berkeley evicted them and banned all overnight parking at the Marina last summer, but the coalition continues to organize and share resources and support for vehicle dwellers in the Bay Area. She has resided in Berkeley for over 22 years, and is part of an organizing effort to stop the ban.

Then, we take listener calls on the proposed RV parking ban – opinions ranged from opposition to full support.

1:34 – Author interview: Pioneer utility electrician Megan Cornish joins us discuss her experiences as one of the glass ceiling-breakers profiled in High Voltage Women: Breaking Barriers at Seattle City Light,” by Ellie Belew. This new history tells the story of women’s fight to gain entry into the male, largely white, electrical trades at Seattle’s public utility.


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