Supreme Court rules on gerrymandering; Plus: Lynchings in the Juan Crow era with historian Nicholas Villanueva Jr.

0:08 – Mondays with Mitch: Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s exits the White House; Trump Administration escalating tensions in Iran; Iran will soon surpass uranium stockpile limit made in Iran Nuclear Deal; how the 2020 Census citizenship status question will affect voting power for people of color.

0:35 – Amanda Kolson Hurley (@amandakhurley) is a writer who specializes in architecture and urban planning and a senior editor at CityLab. Her latest book is “Radical Suburbs: Experimental Living on the Fringes of the American City”

1:03 Supreme Court Rules on Gerrymandering

The Supreme Court today has officially declared no legal right to challenge a lower court ruling in the Virginia gerrymandering case (Virginia House of Delegates v. Bethune-Hill) that struck down racially-motivated partisan gerrymandering. Loyola University Law Professor and Former Deputy Attorney General  Justin Levitt  (@_justinlevitt_) joins to discuss.

1:17 Snow in the Sierra Nevadas Increases Risk of Drowning

A heavy snowpack in the Sierra Nevada and rising temperature has mountain rivers running fast and becoming more dangerous.  The rising rivers, combined with the swarms of summer vacationers, has officials at California’s national parks worried about the increasing number of drowning incidents.  In response, park rangers are stepping up swift water rescue skills to save as many people as possible. Vic Bedoian (@VicBedoian) reports from Cedar Grove.

1:25 KPFA’s Richard Wolinsky reviews Archduke by Rajiv Joseph, running at Theatreworks Mountain View Center for the Arts, thru Sunday June 30th.

1:34 Author Interview: Nicholas Villanueva Jr. is an Ethnic Studies professor at CU Bolder. His new book is The Lynching of Mexicans in the Texas Borderlands.


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