UpFront w/ Friday Host Marie Choi – Uber Drivers SquaredFare, Puerto Rico’s Creditors, Nan Hui Jo Released – July 31, 2015

Uber Drivers

Do you find errors in your paycheck?  Are are the rules at your workplace enforced arbitrarily?  Could you be fired with no recourse?  If you work for Uber, there’s an app for that.

The California App-Based Drivers Association, an organization of Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar drivers, officially launched Squared Fare this week.  The app independently calculates fares, maintains financial records, and allows drivers to email the company with their issues at the touch of a button.  While the Drivers Association is backed by the Teamsters, this app is an unconventional approach to addressing issues in the workplace.

How is the app-based economy changing the way people organize?

Guest: Joseph DeWolf, California App-Based Drivers Association and SquaredFare.

Puerto Rico’s Creditors

It looks like Puerto Rico will miss a second major debt payment deadline tomorrow.  $58 million is due to the country’s bondholders.  While Puerto Rico’s government continues to push forward austerity measures and lobby for bankruptcy, it won’t name the multi-million dollar financial institutions that hold the country’s debt.  The Creditors themselves remain divided.

Guest:  Independent journalist Joel Cintron Arbasetti, Centro de Periodismo Investigativo

Nan Hui Jo Released

Photo by Vida Kuang via Stand With Nan Hui
Photo by Vida Kuang via Stand With Nan Hui

We continue to follow the case of Nan Hui Jo.

She’s the Korean immigrant mother who fled the country five years ago with her baby to leave a domestic violence relationship after losing her immigration status in the U.S.

When she returned last year with her daughter, she was detained at the airport and later convicted of child abduction for failing to file the correct paperwork before fleeing an abusive relationship with her daughter.  She has spent the past year going from ICE detention to Yolo County jail and back again to ICE detention.  Her daughter has been in the custody of her ex, and the two have only been able to communicate in the past month through supervised English-language phone calls.

Photo by Vida Kuang via Stand With Nan Hui
Photo by Vida Kuang via Stand With Nan Hui

Just last week, Nan Hui Jo was finally released on bond from ICE detention.

Photo by Vida Kuang via Stand With Nan Hui
Photo by Vida Kuang via Stand With Nan Hui

The Stand with Nan Hui campaign is emphasizing the importance of connecting the dots between the many cases of domestic violence survivors who are punished by the legal system.


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