Trumplandia, UC Berkeley Protest, Betsy DeVos, and NoBanNoWallSF

On today’s show, Cat Brooks and Mitch Jeserich talk about the latest in Trumplandia.

Then, we discuss Betsy DeVos and the threat she poses to public education with Ryan J. Smith (Executive Director of The Education Trust-West).

We also cover action happening locally. Cat Brooks interviewed Katrin Wehrheim (Professor of math at UC Berkeley) about the protests and the anti-capitalist rebellion that took place in Berkeley last night in response to Right Wing Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos’s talk (which was cancelled after more than 1500 people showed up).

We also speak with Kayla Razavi, one of the organizers of the NoBanNoWallSF march, about the action set to take place this Saturday and what inspired her to organize it.

Source: Lisa Hardy from Good World Graphics LLC
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