UK Parliament suspension deepens political crisis over Brexit; All-female sailing crew with ‘Maiden’ yacht stops in San Francisco on world tour

0:08 – The Queen has approved the suspension of Parliament, at the request of right wing Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Critics say its to avoid scrutiny over Brexit negotiations, further dividing the UK and deepening the political crisis over Brexit. We speak with Alex Dean, a political correspondent with the Prospect Magazine in the UK.

0:20 – Republicans are wielding unprecedented racist, xenophobic attacks against Rep Ilhan Omar, now with AL Republicans calling for her expulsion from Congress. We speak with John Nichols (@NicholsUprising), Washington correspondent with the Nation Magazine.

0:34 – The current outbreak of ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the worst on record in the country, and the second largest outbreak of the disease anywhere, according to Doctors Without Borders. Now, there is cautious optimism about a new ebola vaccine, however there are many barriers to public health and stability in the Congo. We’re joined by Maurice Carney, co-founder and Executive Director of the Friends of the Congo.

0:55 – KPFA News: Over 150 volunteers converged on a vacant lot on Brush St in West Oakland last weekend, Aug 24-25 to build 12 80-square foot houses on wheels that will provide shelter for homeless young people. KPFA’s Tom Herriman reports.

1:08 – Hurricane Dorian narrowly missed Puerto Rico, but is gaining strength and headed north for Central Florida. To discuss hurricane season and climate change, we’re joined by Kristy Dahl, PhD (@kristydahl) is a senior climate scientist with the Union of Concerned Scientists.

1:20 – KPFA Feature: Earlier this month, the historic racing yacht Maiden arrived in the San Francisco Bay as part of its second tour around the world. The first tour was 30 years ago, in the Whitbread Round the World Race crewed by the first all-female sailing team. The race is now featured in a new documentary film – also called Maiden. The original crew raced for 9 months around the world, breaking records and gender stereotypes. Today, the Maiden is sailing around the world again, raising awareness and funds for girls education. UpFront producer Corinne Smith (@Cocoluces) reports from the Maiden in San Francisco.

1:34 – Author Interview: Raymond Arsenault is a historian and author of Arthur Ashe, A Life chronicling the life and legacy of tennis pioneer and humanitarian: Arthur Ashe.

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