Amazon rainforest fires: what’s happening, what’s at stake and what you can do; Plus: Caravan of Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers headed to Sacramento to rally for AB-5, employee rights

0:08 – Amazon fires: what’s happening, what’s at stake and what you can do

We’re joined in-studio by Moira Birss (@moira_kb) is Campaign Director with Amazon Watch, dedicated to “protecting the rainforest and advancing the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin.”

0:34 – Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers have taken off from Los Angeles in 500-mile, 3 day caravan north to demand fair labor rights, a living wage, and the passage of AB-5, which would classify gig economy workers as employees and entitle them to the basic worker protections, like a minimum wage, health insurance, and paid sick days. We’re joined by Coral Itzcalli is the Communications Director with SEIU 721; and Linda Valdivia is a driver with Uber, based in Los Angeles, part of the Mobile Workers Alliance (@mobile_alliance)

0:56 – KPFA News: PG&E says it wants to raise its rates to cover wildfire prevention programs in California and a number of other costs, including higher returns for investors. KPFA’s Wren Farrell reports.

1:08 – Ursula Wing is facing up to 8 years for selling abortion pills online. We speak with Imani Gandy, senior legal analyst for rewire.news, and ½ of their Boom! Lawyered podcast, about her case and the Trump Administration’s attack on medication abortion care.

1:34 – The Lower Bottom Playaz theater group is launching its 20th Season: Reclamation

Ayodele Nzinga (@wordslanger) is a playwright, poet, educator and founder of the Lower Bottom Playaz, now kicking off its 20th Season, under the theme ‘Reclamation.’ On Sep 6, they’ll premiere “Iya Iya’s House of Burning Souls: A Trio of One Woman Shows by North American African Women’

Cat Brooks (@CatsCommentary) will be performing her one woman play Tasha in the Lower Bottom Playaz 20th Season.

Season 20: Sep 6-22 at the Flight Deck in Oakland. Look out for dates & times on lowerbottomplayaz.com.



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