Oakland parents are organizing to find solutions to school mergers and closures, but will OUSD listen? Plus: Healing from the loss of a child with writer Jayson Greene

0:08 – Mondays with Mitch: commentary and analysis on national news

0:34 – Author interview: Jayson Greene (@Jayson_Greene) is a contributing writer and former senior editor at Pitchfork. His first book is a memoir, entitled Once More We Saw Stars.

1:08 – Oakland moves forward with plan for school closures and mergers across the District. After a summer of negotiations-lead by parents to find best solutions, families are alarmed at the plan for closures that seems nonsensical, and critics warn could make way for selling off campuses to charter schools. We’re joined by parents Bobbi Lopez and Amy Stice to discuss what’s at stake, and the organizing effort by Oakland parents to find solutions.

1:34 – Author interview: Charles Postel is an American historian and professor at San Francisco State University. His latest book is Equality: An American Dilemma: 1866-1896.

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