Andrew Bacevich

Military Andrew Bacevichhistorian Andrew Bacevich says that for the past two and  a half decades, America has been waging one war in the greater Middle East — a war with ever-shifting fronts, a war that creates enemies as fast as it defeats them, a war that is ultimately doomed. He joins us live in-studio. But first: How a power struggle in Sacramento over regulating e-cigarettes could make it impossible for for an unrelated tax measure to get to the ballot this year — we talk to investigative journalist Nicholas Kusnetz about why the tobacco industry spends the more political money here than in every other state combined.


  • Nicholas Kusnetz, Reporter, Center for Public Integrity
  • Andrew Bacevich, a military historian and retired professor at Boston University, also a retired colonel and Vietnam War Vet. His son was killed in action in Iraq.  His newest book is America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A military history.
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