DD Guttenplan on New York, PLUS: Assm. Rob Bonta Takes Immigration to Sacramento

BontaDD Guttenplan has been doing beat reporting from the Sanders campaign trail for The Nation — he joins us to take the pulse of the movement behind the Sanders campaign, after a major defeat in New York. Then: followup on two immigration stories that have dropped out of the headlines: the plight of Central American asylum-seekers who’ve been detained in the US, and an effort in California’s Capitol to clamp down on local law enforcement’s collaboration with federal immigration officials.


  • DD Guttenplan, Editor-at-large for The Nation who’s been reporting from the campaign trail.
  • Rob Bonta, California assembly member representing the central East Bay, co-author of AB 2792, the Transparent Review of Unjust Transfers and Holds (TRUTH) Act.
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