DD Guttenplan on New York, PLUS: Assm. Rob Bonta Takes Immigration to Sacramento

BontaDD Guttenplan has been doing beat reporting from the Sanders campaign trail for The Nation — he joins us to take the pulse of the movement behind the Sanders campaign, after a major defeat in New York. Then: followup on two immigration stories that have dropped out of the headlines: the plight of Central American asylum-seekers who’ve been detained in the US, and an effort in California’s Capitol to clamp down on local law enforcement’s collaboration with federal immigration officials.


  • DD Guttenplan, Editor-at-large for The Nation who’s been reporting from the campaign trail.
  • Rob Bonta, California assembly member representing the central East Bay, co-author of AB 2792, the Transparent Review of Unjust Transfers and Holds (TRUTH) Act.
  • Legion

    I am disgusted by my new york. Clearly it is rigged–it would be embarrassing to the Clinton campaign and serial her planned coronation if she lost NY. I can tell you few people like her in NY. If she has any supporters they are in NY city where most people do not even come from NY. She is carpetbagger–exploiting the esteem to run for president–she has been groomed for a long time.

    Some very suspicious things were occurring to ensure she got the nomination in NY–becuase if she los tit it would be her downfall–and because we don’t have democracy–and she has been anointed–they had to manipulate the situation to make appear as if she had won in NY. I doubt very much she had enough votes in NY when she was for senator years ago.

    But there is NO such thing as democracy in America. its all game planned and rigged. illusions and delusions.

    if HC runs against trump we will have a very close race with very few participants. bender would crush trump. HC will win a narrow margin with a record no-vote election making her illegitimate.

    she is full of crap about everything. a fraud. a corporate shill. a traitorous b of the 1%.

    time to vote green and jill stein

    abandon the fake corporate liars of the democratic and republican party

    this is the best opportunity we will ever have to disrupt the corporate game and refresh democracy–the only chance we will get to usher in a new era of third parties and legitimize the greens who seek to most americans whether they know it or not–exactly why greens are forbidden in the corporate and progressive community media.

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