Crisis in Brazil; the Political Economy of Dogs

ThThe_Puppye world’s fifth-largest country is rocketing toward regime change: Brazil’s parliament will this weekend take up the question of impeaching Dilma Roussef. We lay out the tangled confluence of severe recession, corruption scandals, and mass demonstrations that brought Brazil to the brink, and look at what’s next. Then: we’ll go inside the politics, economy, and ethics of  the multi-billion dollar dog industry with Kim Kavin.


  • Kung Feng, lead organizer with Jobs With Justice
  • Paolo Sotero, director of the Brazil Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
  • Kim Kavin, author of The Dog Merchants: Inside the Big Business of Breeders, Pet Stores, and Rescuers

Bay Area Fight for $15 actions today:

  • 2:PM – Frank G. Ogawa Plaza (in front of Oakland City Hall), featuring former Labor Secretary Robert Reich
  • 4:PM – Protest at McDonald’s, 1330 Jackson Street, Oakland
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