The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – May 19, 2004

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Israeli forces fire a missile and tank shells at a crowd of Palestinian protesters, killing at least ten people including children …Israeli officials express regret over the

A U.S. aircraft fires on a house in the Iraqi desert near the Syrian border…
Iraqis say the strike killed more than 40 people celebrating a wedding. ..The U.S. claims the target was a safehouse for foreign fighters.

Two top army generals tell a congressional hearing the Iraqi torture and
abuse scandal was the result of the failures of a few and there was no
pattern of mistreatment…

An army specialist who admitted taking pictures of abused Iraqi prisoners
pleads guilty at his Iraqi court martial — in the U.S. Staff Sergeant Carlos Mejia says he walked away from his unit party to avoid orders to mistreat Iraqi prisoners.

San Francisco Assemblyman Mark Leno pulls back his gay marriage bill, saying he’ll resubmit it next year when it will have a better chance of passage..

South Bay janitors and their supporters gather at Intel’s annual meeting in Santa Clara to call attention to the chip maker’s use of a nonunion cleaning contractor that subjects them to sweatshop conditions..

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