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Is Trump’s Tax Plan Crafted For His Personal Benefit?

Donald Trump has announced the brief outlines of his tax plan, which he plans to push through Congress and sign into law by December. But the plan appears crafted to benefit him and his wealthy buddies. On today’s show we’ll speak with Morris Pearl, chair of the group Patriotic Millionaires, about the tax plan. Then, the national retailer Target recently announced a wage increase for its workers, to go up to $15 an hour by the year 2020. We’ll speak with a leader from Fight for 15 about what the wage rise means. Finally author Tamara Draut will discuss the success of the Fight for 15 campaign and her new book Sleeping Giant, How the New Working Class Will Transform America. Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

  • Virginia Browning

    I found the interview with the “patriotic millionaire” to be frustrating and subtly skewed. Ostensibly we hear about the “unfair” new Trump tax proposal (over and over and over and over in fact). But more than whether something is abstractly “unfair” and theoretically will “unfairly” benefit those who, it is argued (truthfully, but how many listeners will know this for sure listening to this?), will not invest in the economy etc. What I think would have caused more to keep tuned in would have been some mathematics about what an extra 2% (or more) will look like in the new system for those who WILL be doing the paying. For most of us just over the un-taxed poverty level, it will be even harder than it is now to survive. Did that come up even for 30 seconds? People don’t need to hear a guest hammer over and over and over about “unfairness.” People are listening for something concrete. Or maybe the point is to actually attract more millionaires – who can now shake their heads and say “ain’t it awful” but fork over guilt money to KPFA while not joining a movement to change anything – because the movement needs to be started by people whose lives this will actually impact – who have now (if they didn’t turn this off) been treated to something quite abstract, not woven with solidarity from inspiring and interesting people with whom they can relate.

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