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Is there Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience?


Part II of II Evolution of the Human Race : Near Death Experience

Host Veronica Faisant, in conversation with Author, Researcher, Visionary,and Near Death expert,

Dr. P.M.H. Atwater, discusses her recent book, Dying To Know You, Proof of God in the

Near-Death Experience.

Over 30 years of research into the Near Death Experience (NDE)phenomenon, by Dr. Atwater,

has revealed global patterns that challenge long held beliefs about life and

the finality of physical death.

In interviews with 5,000 plus adult and children Near Death Experiencers, individuals

reported having been declared dead, anywhere from 5-20minutes based of cessation of

brain functions. They all returned to life, fully functioning without evidence of brain damage

and, in an overwhelming number of cases, with “brain enhancements” along with a pattern

of psychological and physiological after effects.

Is there proof of the existence of God in the Near Death Experience?

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