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Restore and Rejuvenate!

Shawna Scizak Restorative Yoga Instructor
Shawna Scizak
Restorative Yoga Instructor

Are you seeking non-pharmaceutical relief from accumulated stress and tension in your body?

According to tonight’s guest, certified Yoga instructor, Shawna, Scizak, Restorative Yoga is the less

physically demanding practice of Yoga which calms muscles and nerves as it gently affirms the mind/body


Shawna provides a historical perspective, a description of the poses, and some of the health benefits.

Darren Jacklin Corporate Trainer Angel Investor
Darren Jacklin
Angel Investor

Back by popular demand, World-Class Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Angel Investor,

Darren Jacklin will entertain questions related to the challenges of proceeding with your projects.

Whether you are currently or want-to-be entrepreneurial,

Darren provides insight as well as suggesting other routes to overcoming perceived roadblocks to making

the dream a reality.

Host, Veronica Faisant facilitates the conversation.  Call in to participate:  (800) 958-9008  (510) 848-4425




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