The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist Show – Autumnal Equinox Astro*Mytho*Musica*Politico Guiding Meta-Narrative

Coyote in the Afternoon - Carolyn Schmitz
Coyote in the Afternoon – Carolyn Schmitz

We are playing a portion of Caroline’s Equinox address “Betting on Beauty.”

To purchase the full download – go to the Marketplace on Coyote Network News.



Beauty and Destruction – Neck and Neck: Betting on Beauty!

Electing Flora-Fauna: Inaugurating Guiding Story of Sane Reverence.


Positive Intrigue! We are in Washington, as under-cover agents for collective well-being….to re-assume responsibility for dreaming the desirable world into being.

Let’s re-join the choreography of creation, align with the wildly creative collaborative mojo being so generously proffered to us by the guiding sky-earth story of now. We dive deep and emerge “ready for action – ready for danger” encouraged to be agents of Compassionate Trickster! So much incentive (ack) and opportunity  being proffered to us that Sane Reverence may assume Cultural Narrative Lead.


Inaugurating a guiding story strategy for Autumn – woo-hoo, more fun to navigate this cuckoo maelstrom with others…


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