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The Visionary Activist Show – Full Moon · Max Midstream Goes Quiet

Diane Wilson portrait by Robert Shetterly

Full Moon Tide of Effective Wrathful Dakinis, Caroline hosting Diane Wilson returning with the dedicated Trickster woof that she inspires and encourages in all of us; that, against all odds composts dementor despoiling tyranny…into nutrient for the Community of All Beings.

The Sun’s Image today is “Men toiling in a dark pit- a woman calmly lowers a rope!” And Mercury’s degree is “Coal miners emerging from a deep pit- into sunlight,”
while trining Ceres, dwarf planet = Flora Fauna = “bold woman asserts self on behalf of life.”

“We’re losing ground. This planet is losing ground. So things need to happen and they need to happen quick. Our message should be — loud and clear — there comes a time when the home needs protecting and the line needs drawing and anybody that dares cross it acts at their own peril.”

“I believe at some time in everyone’s lifetime, they will receive a piece of information and what they do with that information will determine the rest of their lives. No excuses are allowed. Not that they don’t have the money. Or they don’t have an organization already up and running on the ground to support the issue. Or no one will help and the town doesn’t like it and you have no one to babysit the kids. No excuses. Either you don’t or you do and sometimes all that doing requires is picking up a phone and calling a meeting. Then trust that life or the universe or Gaia will step in and your life will become a fantastic roller coaster ride. That’s what happened to me.”

Bio: Zinn Education Project/Americans Who Tell the Truth profile on Diane Wilson

“A little over four months after launching its first oil shipment from the Texas Gulf Coast, Max Midstream appears to be sailing in hot water. The young oil pipeline and shipping company — founded by Houston real estate developer Todd Edwards and British financier Azad Cola — shipped its first oil in May, shipped its last in June and has since been hit with a brace of expensive lawsuits alleging crimes from fraud to forgery, as well as a lien against its properties for $1.4 million in unpaid bills.

Article from Capital & Main: Texas Pipeline Company Max Midstream Goes Quiet


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