The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist Show – Honoring Nature as our primary teacher

Ron KaukCaroline welcomes world renowned rock climber and Nature guide, Emissary from Yosemite, ally. Ron Kauk, whose beautiful book, Voices from the Inside Out, delineates the dedication of the Bear Creek Academy Mission Impossible, Dept of Probation, with Sacred Rok foundation to guide incarcerated youth back to freedom through intimacy with Nature. (offering book, and many fun things as pledge incentive – Fun Drive)

* Pentecost Sunday May 15th – global demontrations against corruption, and to keep fossil fuels in the ground (again see “Occupied.”)
Traditionally when the Holy Ghost (let’s think of it as Liberating Trickster) descends as a fiery dove on the head of each apostle, granting them the capacity to understand and speak all languages. And we expand that into the realm of not just human, but animal and plant language.
Notice what animals and plants show up as guides, emissaries from Nature, who seek to partner with us. Will undoubtedly be surprising.

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