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The Visionary Activist Show – Caroline welcomes fellow astro*mytho*politico colleague Eric Francis,

Eric Francis
Photo by Jeff Bisti.

Caroline welcomes fellow astro*mytho*politico colleague Eric Francis,
allied in our dedication to deep delving investigative cahooting, and the elegant pragmatic mysticism of the astrological language.
Language grants us access to the realm it describes..if we can speak of it, we can journey there.
Astrology is one of the great languages of our individual psyche’s pulsing relationship to the collective Dream.
So – the Equinoctial strategy for now!
Eric has taken his skills as a former investigative reporter,(investigating the corporate crimes of Monsanto and General Electric) into the realm of astrology…

He approaches the horoscope column as a journalistic form of astrology — published frequently, and easy to follow. Yet it’s also a platform for ideas about growth and personal development,Presenting these ideas in accessible language, his writing has engaged an ever increasing audiences.

For 18 years running — without missing an issue — the Planet Waves section is still a magnetizing attraction..

He has combined his astrological and investigative skills into a new genre of writing.

After pursuing additional astrology studies in Germany with minor planet pioneer Robert von Heeren, he was recruited to stand in as a daily horoscope writer for Jonathan Cainer, the leading British astrologer. In that role, he had than three million readers across England, Australia and Europe.

His work has been carried in The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror,, and the leading British publication Woman. His horoscopes and articles have been translated into Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian and Finnish. He is the first horoscope writer to be elected into the National Union of Journalists of the UK.

Today he is the horoscope writer for the Omega Institute, horoscopes for Marie Claire, Chronogram, and many regional publications around the country.

Eric is editor in chief of Planet Waves, the magazine he founded in 1998.

Planet Waves features the work of more than a dozen writers, on astrology, tarot, personal growth and the Planet Waves specialty — the meeting of the personal and the political.

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