The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist Show – Solstice Aligning with the Anima Mundi! (World Soul)

Tom Cheetham (and Pessoa)

At this time of Heart-Break – Heart Rising, we call upon Heretical Liberating Esoterica,
that we may be Pragmatic Mystics dreaming the desirable world into being…

We welcome Tom Cheetham, the author of “Green Man Green Angel,” “All the World an Icon – Henry Corbin and the Angelic Function of Beings,” “The World Turned Inside Out, Henry Corbin and Islamic Mysticism,” “After Prophecy,” and (a wild book of his poems) “Boundary Violations.” Tom has been called ‘a rogue scholar of the imagination in esoteric Islam.’

And our shared ally, Michael Lerner, President of Commonweal, says, “Tom Cheetham shows the heights that independent scholars outside academia can achieve. His prior work has virtually defined independent scholarship on Henry Corbin. In Imaginal Love, he has turned his gifts to “the meanings of imagination in James Hillman and Henry Corbin.” The result is a powerful contribution to our understanding of the full meaning of imaginal love — and the central role of such love in human life.”

He is a Fellow of the Temenos Academy in London and former Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at Wilson College. He speaks and gives workshops regularly in Europe and the US.

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