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Kate Raphael

On this New Moon in Leo as Jupiter be stationing,

Caroline hosts Kate Raphael, author of “The Midwife’s in Town,” a novel she, presciently, began writing in 2013:

Roe v Wade has been overturned, and the rapid lesbian response team leaps into Richmond Virginia…



Kate Raphael is a San Francisco Bay Area writer, feminist and queer activist and radio journalist, who makes her living as a law firm word processor. She lived in Palestine for eighteen months as a member of the International Women’s Peace Service, documenting human rights abuses and accompanying Palestinians as they attempted to live normal lives under occupation. At the end of her time in Palestine, she was imprisoned for over a month by the Israeli authorities and eventually deported. In 2011, she won a residency at Hedgebrook. She produces the weekly radio show, Women’s Magazine, on KPFA/Pacifica, which is heard throughout Northern and Central California. Her writing from Palestine has been included in the anthology Peace Under Fire (Verso), Reclaiming QuarterlyLeft Turn, and websites including miftah and palestinemonitor.



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