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The Visionary Activist Show – Winter Solstice Guiding Mythos Radio

“We shouldn’t be afraid. We should be ready.”
(Edward Snowden, blessings be upon him)
To get ready, Caroline welcomes fellow astro*mytho weaver of the guiding meta-narrative, Daniel Giamario, that we may partner with our resilient wiley woof! Delineate the dire danger, and the against all odds redemption proffered to us.
Saturn in Capricorn Solstice: dedication crafts the magnetizing template for our best dreams at this time of Dire Beauty. Uranus  stationing, Liberating Trickster-eager to be born in each heart now. Tidings of strategy, spice and solace. Mercury stationing, that we may spiral wisdom and tolerance into the memosphere. The dance of Venus and Mars, that our species may have manners again, whereby to re-join the choreography of creation. 2020 (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars in Capricorn) the gathering of the Council dedicated to protecting life.

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  • Wow! The fact that the astro-mythical information came at a breathless verbal light speed from two great astrologers in conversation means that this will be one of those wild VA shows I (not being a serious student of astrology) will require listening to more than a few times (in order to translate the *metaphors* into my own understandings of things spiritual and political to get the message).

    That said (speaking as the VA does about “metaphor”), I think I did come away with something valuable for the time being; that is, another symbolic understanding of the cultural phenomenon of the pagan/animistic religion that celebrated the Winter Solstice time in the great, sacred cycle of the year, which was repressed for so long (and co-opted as “Christmas”). Hey, I had already found the computer science metaphor for revisioning Christianity and its historical effects as a *virtual virus* (after all, I had already read anthropologist of religion, James Breasted refer to it as “imperialism in religion” and the the 2nd century Neo-Platonist philosopher Porphyry witnessing it as a “disease of the soul”).

    So, today when astrologer extraordinaire, Daniel Giamario, was talking about the forming of these grand cosmic CROSSES in the heavens, well I just couldn’t help but think of one of these CROSSES set up 2000 years ago in the (cosmic/metaphysical) heavens–and how, carrying out the VA’s program of “composting” what is no longer helpful or conducive (to the high spiritual standards she sets up), it’s about time we COMPOST the (sado-masochistic) COSMIC CROSS: the myth of the angry father-god CROSSED at humanity for killing his son.

    Yup, let’s chuck that myth into the Cauldron!

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