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The Visionary Activist Show – “Death by Astonishment” DMT Terrence McKenna Radio

dr_rick_strassmanCaroline welcomes ancestral Terence McKenna, whose messages are all hopping up and down for us now…
and also the living Dr. Rick Strassman, author of “DMT The Spirit Molecule,” that we may explore the biology of near-death (and death!) the evolutionary opportunities available to humanity now for re-animating the necessity of conscious kinship.

  • Steve Woodward

    Hi Caroline,

    Loved your dialogue with Rick today. I would submit, for your consideration, the idea that DMT is the toxic mimic of Ayahuasca… Just as white folks made toxic mimics of great natural substances, like opium (heroin), or coca (cocaine), our efforts to extract the essence of the plant spirits of the rain forest are misguided. Try the whole herb (admixture), please. You’ll love it. (And yes it really does taste as bad as everyone says.)
    Bon voyage.

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