The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist Show – Women: Money & Marijuana

Kate Levinson “Emotional Currency”

In the first segment, Caroline hosts Kate Levinson, author of “Emotional Currency,” a woman’s guide to building a healthy relationship with money. Kate is convening “Women, Money, Spirit” on 4.29 at the California Institute of Integral Studies (

Ellen Komp/Nola Evangelista “Tokin’ Women”

…and for our second half, being 4/20: Caroline hosts Ellen Komp, (Deputy Director of California NORML) aka Nola Evangelista, author of“Tokin’ Women: A 4,000-Year Herstory.” Her book presents biographies of over 50 famous females throughout herstory who used cannabis, from the Goddess Ishtar to Miley Cyrus.  See more at and

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