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The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays – October 11, 2017

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  • dahszil

    Hey ! arse hat , der fuhrer Trump and your fascist inner circle : the media can say whatever it wants: fake, middling, truth, lunacy (like what comes from you every time you open your mouth) . Don’t you dare try taking our first amendment free speech rights away . If you fascists in the white house, congress and senate censor speech , it’s revolution time . I hope is confined within the white house to capitol hill, cia , fbi areas . But if you send in the military footsoldiers into the civil unrest all over the US they will join us, fight for us and protect us from the sociopathic police

  • dahszil

    re: The Las Vegas mass shooting at a Country Music Festival . Priority number one , All US citizens must take a free Country Music appreciation class. And you get 3 free credits towards your college education.
    BUT SERIOUSLY : It would not surprise me that the deep state screwed up by backing a crazy white guy in this false flag, gladio attack . Ha Ha the cracka type whites are joining us now, the one and only human race.
    I’m white and love all kinds of music including country music .

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