The Herbal Highway

The Herbal Highway – June 2, 2016

The Herbal Highway enhances the community’s knowledge of herbal medicine and alternative choices
to standard medical practices for healing. In order to have balanced life, The Herbal Highway actively
supports and promotes Indigenous land rights, protection of sacred sites and the sustainability of the
Earth as integral parts of individual, community and global healing.
Hosted and produced by Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes.

  • Sandy_Sanders

    Thank you so much Karyn, for your show. Your comments are always so right on and herbal solutions so interesting. Today you spoke of how juvenile our culture is… oh so right. The entire orientation and leadership of Western Culture is like the management of a junior high school. It seems so adolescent to me. They preach and teach democracy but every institution is authoritarian, especially the workplaces. And the purpose of all of it is control over the pesky plebes and profit for the 1%.

    You wondered about a world where meditation is taught in schools and kids would be able to be conscious stewards of themselves. Absolutely. Unfortunately in the Jr. High of western culture of the 1%, consciousness, calm, and heart-mind application of knowledge and creativity would dismantle their Lord of the Flies world and the 1% power would be gone. Maybe when we evolve to Direct Democracy we can all get together and redo “schools” to include Meditation and some of the following: Ecology, Direct Democracy and Group Facilitation Skills, Collective Workplaces, Growing Food, Holistic Health Practices, Basic Building, Local History and Pre-History, Arts and Music Studio Arts of all kinds, Herbology, Permaculture, Foraging, History of Civilizations, Survival Skills, PE, Sports, Recess, and organic lunches etc. etc.. Oh my we would not be where we are now that is for sure!

    Keep up the great work. Love your show!

    -sandy sanders
    Mapleton OR

  • Thanks a million for the show today. The subject and content was ‘right on time’ for me!!!!!

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