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Free Alex Stokes + Russian Anti-War Sabateur Ruslan Siddiqui

"TFSR 2-4-2024 | Alex Stokes faces 20 years + Russian Anti-War Sabateur Ruslan Siddiqui" featuring a photo of Alex looking to the left and Ruslan in fatigues in a forest holding a cow skull

This week on the show, we’re starting out with an interview with Lo and Meghan, two supporters of Jewish independent journalist, artist and antifascist leftist from Albany, NY, Alex Stokes Contompasis. Alex is serving a 20 year sentence for defending himself and 3 other community members attacked by Proud Boys and Oath Keepers at the New York state capital on January 6th, 2021. Lo and Meghan, two friends and supporters of Alex, talk about Alex’s media work, the politically-charged court case and his ongoing appeal. More on his case can be found at FreeAlexStokes.Com. You can order his artwork to support his case there as well. They mentioned getting support & attention from the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.

Then, you’ll hear an interview from our comrades at Frequenz-A in so-called Germany with a recent interview of Anya of the grassroots group called Solidarity Zone. Solidarity Zone offers legal, media and other support to people facing charges for anti-war direct actions inside of Russia. Anya speaks about their work and the case of Ruslan Siddiqui, an anarchist who does not deny railway sabotage against the Russian war efforts in Ukraine. This first aired on episode 75 of B(A)D News: Angry Voices From Around The World from the A-Radio Network.

Solidarity Zone Links

Finally, you’ll hear Sean Swain reading from an incomplete list of people killed by law enforcement in the USA during the month of April 2023. The full podcast can be found at our website, here.


Red Onion Hunger Strike Phone Zap

The saga at Red Onion continues, with more than 30 participants. Participants are asking supporters to call the Governor and the Virginia Department of Corrections to demand that the Red Onion follows state restrictions on solitary confinement. Kevin “Rashid” Johnson is additionally requesting his treatment for congestive heart failure and prostate cancer that he be moved from Red Onion to a facility like Sussex I or Buckingham that are near to large medical facilities.

You can hear a recent interview we had with a comrade of Rashid and see a roundtable of comrades of Rashid on Black Power Media recently talking about his situation. Here’s a social media post with all of the pertinent information:

  • VADOC Central Administration USPS P.O. Box 26963; Richmond, VA 23261
    David Robinson
    Phone: 804-887-8078
    Email: [email protected]
  • VADOC Director, Chadwick S Dotson Phone: 804-674-3081
    Email: Chadwick. [email protected]
  • VADOC Central Administration Rose L. Durbin Phone: 804-887-7921
    Email: Rose. [email protected]
  • Beth Cabell, Division of Institutions Phone: 804-834-9967
    Email: [email protected]
  • Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin Phone: 804-786-2211
    Email: [email protected]

Sample script: I am calling in support of the hunger strikers at Red Onion State Prison. I am concerned about the serious health effects of long-term solitary confinement and other illegal and brutal methods of confinement including sensory deprivation. Please end the use of these practices. I am also seriously concerned for the health of Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson, as he is being prevented from accessing care for his health conditions. Please move him back to Sussex I or to Buckinghm, near a major medical facility, so that he can resume cancer and cardiac treatment. Thank you.

Support Guarani M’Bya in Brazil

from FireFund.Net:

This campaign aims to support two native land in São Paulo south and also, others in state interior and coastal zones.
Our goals is to restore and expand the prayer house (Opy’i) and communal kitchen, plant native trees and subsistence foodsuch as corn, rice, potato and others, distribute water and generate clean energy collected from surrounding rivers, support the cerimonies, and other constructions such as houses and other demands that the comunitie brings to us.
Also carry out the construction of ecological bathrooms and support the school located in the land. These are some of the missions and commitments we have to native people here in São Paulo.

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  • High Water Everywhere, Part 2 by Charlie Patton from Complete Recordings 1929-1934


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