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Andrew Lee on Defying Displacement

Andrew Lee on Defying Displacement

"TFSR 2-11-2 | Andrew Lee on Defying Displacement" plus the book cover for Defying Displacement
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We’re sharing a recent chat with Andrew Lee (instagram / tiktok), author of the book Defying Displacement: Urban Recomposition and Social War, released by AK Press on February 6th 2024. Andrew and I talk about gentrification, speculation and financialization of houses, the destruction of communities by racial capitalism and the state, and some methods used to fight back and stay put. Andrew shouts out Decolonize Philly as a project to pay attention to.

If you’re listening to the radio edition, you’re getting about 2/3 of this conversation. The full chat can be found on the podcast version in most apps or you can visit our website for 14 years of back episodes, our transcripts, show notes and much more.

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