Terra Verde

Climate Change and Resiliency in the San Francisco Bay Area

With a climatedenying administration in the White house, and the clock ticking on our ability to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, scientists, activists, planners, and people from a wide range of disciplines have been working double-time to build public understanding of how climate change is affecting, and will continue to affect, communities around the world, including right here in the Bay Area.

Terra Verde host and Earth Island Journal Managing Editor Zoe Loftus-Farren talks with Kristina Dahl, a senior scientist with the Union for Concerned Scientists, and Allison Brooks, chair of the Resilient by Design Executive Board and Executive Director of the Bay Area Regional Collaborative, about how climate change will alter where and how we live, an exciting climate-centered design challenge right here in the Bay Area, and about the complicated but vital work of building climate change resiliency in neighborhoods around the world.

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