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Terra Verde – Masters of Storms

What’s the forecast? Increasingly, scientists, scholars, and technocrats, as well as journalists, are openly speculating about ideas known by ambitious-sounding terms, like solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, and albedo modification. Could such unorthodox strategies to counteract global warming be underway already, despite official claims suggesting otherwise? Today Terra Verde tackles controversies around climate intervention and weather manipulation.

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  • Mr. K

    Thank you for this show! Very informative, it’s way past time that this topic was covered on Pacifica. We need more shows like this one.

  • Jack_Khariah

    GREAT SHOW!!! Really appreciate that you try and encourage folks to go out and do their own research. People need to stop trusting everything they hear and hit the pavement, ask questions, LOOK UP!!! The advent of this clearly obvious, horrifically different sky coincides with the onset of my severe allergies. If nothing else, these planes are leaving a mass of pollution. Doesn’t matter if its “chem trails” or some other conspiracy crap. The sky is messed up and whatever the *bleep* it is, IT’S COMING FROM THE PLANES. If I have to smog my *bleeping* car then those *bleeps* should smog their *bleeping* planes!!!!

  • Jack_Khariah

    YOU sir, are clearly paid, uninformed and/or slightly dumb. IF you listened to the whole show you would have heard that not only do they firmly BELIEVE in the OVERWHELMING body of scientific evidence supporting climate change as fact, they are ANYTHING BUT RIGHT WING. How much do they pay you to regurgitate the crap that you’ve clearly copy and pasted here? Go back to your hole in the sand and live a care free simple life of a dummy. Let the rest of us, the clear headed, awake and conscientious folk of the earth steer this planet away from a catastrophic end at the hands of simpletons like yourself and your employers.

    • mooco219

      Jack: Sadly, I forced myself to listen to the whole show. You are correct, I should have been paid to do that.

      That you believe, I was hired to write here, FITS SO WELL with the “all is sinister” mindset of the diabolical-ist; the-more -wacko-the-better Libertarian CTers.

      GE’s science is crap – Again, its a bunch of half truths and analogous associations – often gathered from the unrelated – that they turn into connections. All packaged into a sound good (in the worst of ways) and of course, to become the largest threat there is out there. The race to being the most sinister is a tough one.

      As to right wing – The right wing Climate Change Denier linked quests are now dominating the programming of Guns and Butter and (now it seems) Terra Verde with such sources as; Koch or the like funding, the Heartland Institute or the Cato group and the rest of wacko libertarian right are clear. Follow where their guest’s land over and over. They show up on Rense or Jones or other racist ultra conservative webpages This is where their crap is pushed. This is what is bought and paid for!

      Guns and Butter and Terra Verde are now well known stops on the traveling right wing Midway Big Tent Carny Circuit.

      What is really sad, is there are decent people who WANT TO BELIEVE this garbage. Most of the this WANT TO BELIEVE comes from the simple human desire to be “in the special know”. Sad, but true.

      By the way. the idiot lawyer sidekick “EXPERT” (HAHA) from State-Line was such joke Why is it that so few of these hucksters ever have a science background or training?

      “Ben Davidson” (lawyer by training) being the classic poster child of the carny-world of denier pseudo science. He is the 21st century’s answer to the sorely missed PTL Club with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.


      • Jack_Khariah

        Who is denying anything? They firmly believe in global warming as a huge percentage of the problem. What they were trying to convey in layman’s terms for individuals like yourself is that whatever is coming from the rear ends of planes is clearly not making it any better, be it pollution or something else. The only denial here is CLEARLY YOURS. Denial that the crap in our skies exists and gets worse daily. Denial that if we do not act to limit the emissions from aircraft things will continue down this path of destruction of our enviorment and life systems on this planet. Pull your head out of your ass.

        • mooco219

          BS – listen carefully how it is couched. And what is the cause of it.

          Layman terms HAHA, These guys wouldn’t know a beaker from a Bunsen burner.

          Its just a bunch of gobbledygook-ed details tossed together to put on a show for the want-to-be gullible types.

          There are real problems. Problems that are easy to see. We are being distracted on purpose by these for hire showman with their sinister secrets.

          • k9kilowatt

            let’s say the jury is out. who do YOU want to hear on this topic, mooco219?

          • mooco219

            The jury is not out!

            My question is, why is this nutcase reactionary programing not where it belongs = somewhere, anywhere other than on the Pacifica network.

            What’s around the corner for KPFA, Agenda 21, conservative property rights, programing?

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