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Craving and the End of Craving

Buddhism teaches that craving is the cause of suffering. Certainly when we abuse drugs, alcohol, food, sex or other substances or behaviors we create suffering for ourselves and others and are not the most effective in making the world a better place for all. Host Marlena Willis talks with Valerie Mason-John, also known as Vimalasara, who herself used the Buddha’s teachings to overcome addiction. She shares her experience with others on how Buddhism can support recovery.

Vimalasara (Valerie) Mason-John co-authored the award-winning book Eight Step Recovery – Using the Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction. She is president of the Buddhist Recovery Network and is the cofounder of a secular mindfulness program for addiction. She is also the author of the new revised edition of Detox Your Heart – Meditations For Emotional Trauma. She is a leading African-Canadian voice in the field of Mindfulness for Emotional Trauma and Addiction.

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