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Love Yourself No Matter What

In Nonviolent Communication classes, sometimes participants think the class is going to be about communicating with others. But what people often get most out of the class is how to communicate with themselves and how to speak more kindly to themselves. Host Marlena Willis plays excerpts from Buddhist teacher Tara Brach’s CD, Radical Self-Acceptance, while weaving Tara’s insight and wisdom on working with shame with Marlena’s own experience healing from trauma using meditation and Nonviolent Communication. (The CD is a pledge drive premium – PLEASE SUPPORT TALK IT OUT RADIO AND KPFA with your pledge!)

Tara Brach, PhD Is the founder and senior teacher of Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC. She is a practicing clinical psychologist, a lay Buddhist priest, and author of the books In the Shadow of the Buddha and Radical Acceptance.

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