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Composting Shame into Self-Love

How can we cease being caught in shame and awaken self-love within us so that we can be both happy and more effective in our lives and our work for social justice? Host Marlena Willis is in dialogue with Nonviolent Communications teacher and coach, Marina Smerling, about shifting from shame and blame to love and self-acceptance. Marina will also share about how Nonviolent Communication can support us in being a white ally to people of color.

Marina Smerling is a former attorney turned life and relationship coach for women, and a trainer with Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC). Marina draws upon her decade of training in NVC, Hakomi mindfulness-based therapy, and nondual spiritual practice to support women’s evolution through the composting of shame into radical self-love. A co-founder of Talk It Out Radio, she is a recent transplant to Gainesville, FL, from Berkeley, CA, and is honored to return to KPFA’s studio to share about her work with NVC and its implications for metabolizing shame, being with uncertainty, fostering racial justice, and more.

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